A Good Morning

Woke up to an e-mail notification indicating that the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship program (NSF-GRFP) is offering me their pre-doctoral fellowship.

It is an extremely selective process, hinging on reviewer's moods and individual research interests. 11.7% of applicants received this offer. The odds were stacked against me because no faculty was willing to spend time with me formulating the proposal. Thankfully, I had tremendous moral support from my friends and family, who had been patient with my uncertainty of the award's conferral since I submitted it late November.

I'm in awe with how circumstance has led to this point of my life. My parents made the courageous effort to move us from Mexico to the U.S. with no guarantee of financially security. My mother temporarily worked in the fields until she found a retail job, my dad was a car salesman; both would describe this period as some of their most stressful times in their lives. Through their tenacity and resilience, they were able to keep my brother and I in school without want for food or shelter. This award was borne by their efforts.

Now, the next few years will tell if I'm actually able to live up to the potential bestowed by this fellowship.
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